Renthal MX Dual Layer Tapered Half Waffle Grips

17,95 €

Renthal MX Enduro Dual Compound Tapered Half Waffle Grips

Black - Blue - Red - Orange - Green - Yellow

Constructed of rubber with all the benefits of the classic dual compound grips, but with an oversized thumb diameter that tapers down to regular size at the ends to match the contours of a closed fist for maximum comfort and control

  • Increased material in the sensitive thumb area also offers more cushioning and damping against vibration without reducing control
  • Soft compound is used for the outer diameter of the grip, which is in direct contact with the palm, fingers and thumb
  • Firm compound is used for the flange, inner sleeve and outer end of the grip for maximum durability
  • Offer the ultimate combination of comfort and durability
  • For use with twist throttle
  • Sold as a pair