Eurol Radiator Coolant XL

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Eurol Coolant XL 1L

Universal long-life radiator coolant, miscible with the most commercial coolants

A universal long-life coolant, based on mono-ethylene-glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors (silicate-free). This special technology can be mixed with coolants of other brands without the risk of sludge build-up and decreasing cooling capabilities.

Eurol Coolant XL -36 can be mixed with most mono-ethylene-glycol based commercial coolants.

Eurol Coolant XL -36 prevents from scale formation and offers an excellent protection against cavitation. Moreover, it protects metal parts in the cooling system against corrosion.

Eurol Coolant XL -36 is nitrite, amine, borate, phosphate, nitrate and silicate-free and in this way, contributes to a cleaner environment.

Eurol Coolant XL -36 is completely safe for rubber, plastics, metals and aluminium or its alloys.

Eurol Coolant XL -36 is a modern coolant for water-cooled combustion engines and protects the system from freezing up to -36 °C.

Eurol Coolant XL -36 is to be used undiluted, so never top-up with water. Life-time of the product is 5 years.

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer regarding application of the right coolant.