Motul 7100 10w50 4Stroke Engine Oil 4Liter

Motul 7100 10w50 4Stroke Engine Oil 4Liter 104098 motorolie huile moteur motorenöl  EAN 3374650247366
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Motul 7100 10w50 4Stroke Engine Oil 4Liter 104098

100% synthetic 4-Stroke multigrade lubricant  with high quality Ester components and special additives for the gear box lubrication. Exceeds bike manufacturer specifications, especially KTM, TRIUMPH, HUSQVARNA which recommend SAE 10W50. For High Performance Bikes, Sports Bikes, Street Bikes, Trail, Off Road Bikes, Enduro, Trial, Quad, Scooters, etc. with 4-stroke engines with or without integral gear, wet or dry clutch. For engines which meet the Euro-2 or Euro-3 requirements.

  • Low traction coefficient of the ester components minimize friction loss and improves overall performance
  • Ester components improve in conjunction with the additive package, the shear strength, wear protection and life of the motor and transmission
  • Optimized content of sulfur and phosphorus make long-term function of catalysts safe
  • Prevents corrosion and dirt in the engine
  • For modern engine technology with wet clutch and gear lubrication in the same oil bath
  • No clutch sticking and chutes
  • The smooth running viscosity enables fast lubrication already in the starting phase, reduces the critical cold start wear and is excellent for hydraulic tappets
  • Standards: API: SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG
  • Release: JASO MA2

motorolie huile moteur motorenöl