Oakley Airbrake MX Bro Roll Off Kit

Oakley Airbrake MX Bro Roll Off Kit Kit Roll Off Systeem Roll-Off-System
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Oakley Airbrake MX BRO Roll Off Kit - 100-258-001

New improved roll off kit for Airbrake

The new Oakley Airbrake Bro (Big Roll Off) Roll Off System has more roll off film volume.

Complete Roll-Off Kit for Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles.
Converts standard goggles to roll-off goggles.
Allows rider to clear vision with a fast-and-easy pull of the cord.
Quick and easy roll-off film canister reloads.
Proprietary coating used on roll-off film to prevent sticking to goggle lens in even the harshest conditions.

Kit Roll Off Systeem Roll-Off-System

EAN : 700285663722