Polisport Full Plastic Kit GasGas OEM Red

Polisport Plastic Full Kit OEM Red GASGAS   MC125 MC250F MC450F Plastiek Set Plastik-Kit Kit Plastiques Complet
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Polisport Plastic Full Kit OEM Red GASGAS 

MC125 MC250F MC450F

Polisport's replica plastic parts are created using many exclusive and patented methods including DGP - Durable Gloss Polypropylene - Polisport's own developed technology that combines the highest levels of resistance and flex while maintaining a superior gloss finish and colour brightness.

  • Injection-molded, quality plastic components with a perfect OEM fit
  • Exact replica of stock OEM plastic components but stronger
  • Inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts.
  • Stock color match
  • Glossy and flexible
  • Less prone to scratches
  • Hold color better
  • Packaged in a new and rebranded kit box and individual bagged

* Polisport's standard MX Replica Plastic kit includes a Front Fender, a Rear Fender, Number Plate, Fork Guards, Side Panels and Radiator Scoops/Shrouds & FORK GUARDS
(This may vary from model to model. Please see the images of the individual kit contents).

Plastiek Set Plastik-Kit Kit Plastiques Complet