Polisport Side Panels Yamaha Blue

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Polisport Side Panels Blue Yamaha

YZF250 YZF450

Polisport plastic side panels include washers and Rubber Grommets. Polisport plastic side panels are produced with exclusive technologies to make the part glossy, durable and with the same level of quality as the original plastics of the dirt bike. This part includes heat protector, washers and rubber grommets. The best aftermarket side panels for Yamaha. Perfect fit & no further drilling required. Enjoy the quality plastic parts of a brand with more than 40 years of experience in the Off-Road motorbike market and that works with the best OEM manufacturers.

Why Polisport Side Panels are the best choice for your Dirt Bike? 

  • Includes washers and grommets just like the OEM parts
  • Includes heat protector
  • Injection-molded, quality plastic components with a perfect OEM fit
  • Exact replica of stock OEM plastic components but stronger
  • Inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts.
  • Stock color match with less fade
  • Glossy and flexible
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Less prone to scratching or marking
  • Packaged in a printed plastic bag