RFX Pro Fork Air Bleeders Kayaba Showa Black

FXFB-101M5-999BK rfx pro fork air bleeders kayaba kyb showa black Gabelentlüfter-Set voorvork ontluchters purgeur d'ai de fourche
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RFX Pro Fork Air Bleeders Kayaba Showa Black

M5x 0.8

RFX Pro Series fork bleeders allow you to remove the excess air form both original cartridge and modern dual chamber forks (Please note not for use with air forks). This allows for proper operation of the forks as excess air makes the forks feel harder than normal and can eventually lead to the seals failing.

  • Ensures proper fork operation
  • Quick installation
  • No tools required to operate once installed
  • CNC aerospace grade billet aluminium
  • Colour anodised for that factory look
  • RFX laser etched logo
  • Tested by top UK race teams

Fitting Instructions

  • Ensure      that the bike is on a bike stand with the front wheel raised above the      ground.
  • Clean      around the original fork bleed screw so no dirt will enter once removed.
  • Remove      the original bleed screw using an appropriate screwdriver/Torx Key.
  • Fit      the new RFX Pro Series Bleeder ensuring that the o ring is over the      threads.
  • Thread      on by hand until the o ring seals against the fork cap.
  • Make      sure the bleeder is clear form contact with all mounts and handlebars.
  • Gently      tighten using a 10mm spanner being careful not to strip the aluminium      threads.
  • **Note      do not over tighten**

Instructions for use

  • Place      Bike on a bike stand making sure the front wheel is raised above the      ground.
  • Clean      around the fork bleeder.
  • Press      the bleeder to release air.