TMV Factory Bolt Kit

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TMV Factory Bolt Kit

Suzuki RM125 - RM250 - RMZ250 - RMZ450 (169pcs)

Kawasaki KX125 - KX250 - KX500 - KXF250 - KXF450 (154pcs)

Yamaha YZ125 - YZ250 - YZF250 - YZF450 - WRF250 - WRF450 (172pcs)

Honda CR125 - CR250 - CR500 - CRF250 - CRF450 (193pcs)

KTM SX85 - SX125 - SX150 - SX250 - SXF250 - SXF350 - SXF450

EXC125 - EXC250 - EXC-F250 - EXC-F350 - EXC-F450 - Freeride  (160pcs)

The fasteners in this TMV factory bolt kit are direct replicas of the factory hardware. This kit has exactly what you need for fastening bodywork, seat, wheels, sub-frame, engine mounts, exhaust pipe, case bolts, and chain guides. You will find rotor bolts, shroud bolts, t-nuts, seat bolts, nuts, M5, M6 & M8 hex flange bolts, aluminum and copper drain plug washers, sprocket bolts, pan head screws, cotter pins, chain adjuster nut & bolts, fender washers, rim-lock spacers, aluminum bushings, fork guard bolts and more.

Designed for full size off-roads models, years 2000 to current.